Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Turkey Shoot

We had an awesome time this year at the Turkey shoot bringing home more goodies for our crew and more memories to laugh at. Though it was cold and our camp was further away it was nice to have the bathrooms right there close by. Thanks to our Advisors for their help and support. Go Megan at the muzzle loading.
Everything was a weapon they said. We asked "What about the plundgers?"Our crew won second place in the cook off. Should of had first but they probably didn't want the others to get jelouse. jk. Good job guys!

Freezing cold though it may have been. The bright warm fire kept us warm and so did the trotting on our horses/zebras/cows up to the devotional (Jen, Joy, Megan...) :D

Go Bobby! Shotgun shooting in the freezing cold was a blast literally for some! :D