Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Hey everyone its Jeff's 18th Birthday this Thursday (Jan 1). So make sure you wish him a great big HAPPY BIRTHDAY. (Happy birthday Jeff hope you have a great day)!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Congrats to our crew members!!!

Good job Joy on becoming student of the month for December at Spanish Fork High school.

And good job to Bethany, Joy, and Jennifer for being Academic All Stars

The following article is found in The Daily Herald
Sf SFHS academic all stars w pix

Josie Osborn - Don Dispatch
Spanish Fork High School students not only excel on the playing field, but they also are strong academic students. This fall showed how well these athletes do in class in mboth state and region. There are six athletes awarded for Academic All-State for mCross-Country, Volleyball, and Girls Tennis. They are mBethany Carson, Jennifer Lowe, and Justin Crandall (Cross-Country), Tamera Hansen and Mary Stirland (Volleyball), and Joy Prior (Girls Tennis). It is quite an honor to receive an Academic All-State award. These students are those that consist of the top of their class throughout the entire state of Utah; they have the highest GPA's of those in their own athletic field in the state.
They are also all seniors and participate in the Varsity athletic teams. Bethany Carson says, " It's good to be recognized for this because sports takes up a lot of student's time and energy and it's definitely hard to keep your grades up, so this award just set us apart. It's nice to be recognized for our accomplishments and for mmaintaining our lives as a whole. We're more than just athletes, we're good students." Tamera Hansen said, " It's cool to be noticed and to receive an award, it's a nice feeling to be recognized for my efforts because I work really hard."

Academic All State Superstars:
Cross Country - Bethany Carson, Jennifer Lower, Justin Crandall
Volleyball - Tamara Hansen, Mary Stirland
Girls Tennis - Joy Prior Academic All-Region Super Stars:
FOOTBALL- Taylor Nelson, Waylon Pritchett, Michael Stone, Hayden Archibald, Brett Grover, Jence Kofoed, Brenton Lamb, Breck Lewis, Richard Wilson, JR Brandon, Nate Russell, Caleb Ashworth
VOLLEYBALL- Mary Stirland, Tamara Hansen, Jaden Clayson, Mckenzie Beckstrom, Sydney Fryer, Brooke Thurgood, Tanner Tobiason, Gentry Wilson, Erin Redd, Rachelle Remund, Kylie Schofield, Makayla Thuerer
BOYS GOLF- Layne Teuscher, Hayden Johnson
BOYS CROSS COUNTRY- Chase Brown, Scott Strong, Aaron Egger, Brent Strong, Justin Crandall, Nelson Orton, Brandon Poulter, Spencer Vance
GIRLS CROSS COUNTRY- Bethany Carson, Hannah Carson, Allison Hallam, Ashley Phelps, Ashley Shelly, Samantha Raleigh, Adelay Duffin, Jenn Lowe, Jenn Youd
GIRLS TENNIS- Alexandra Argyle, Pam McConnell, Lisa Soffe, Mckenna West, Randi Miller, Betty Thomas Pictured: Justin Crandall, Bethany Carson, Jennifer Lowe, Mary Stirland, Tamara Hansen. Not pictured: Joy Prior
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