Sunday, March 15, 2009

What our crew members have been up to! :D

Joy Prior and Kiersta Spendlove recently competed in the Miss Spanish Fork pageant. Although the judges lacked the wisdom of awarding both of them with the crown, they are leading queens of our Crew. Joy was awarded the Academic Award amongst the contestants. 
Two crew member and two prospective crew members just finished performing in the Diamond Fork Jr. High production of Mulan. Bobbe Graham, Jake Harding, Ethan Lowe and Julie Graham were cast member of the production. Bobbe and Jake were Ancestors (Lin and Hong); Ethan was a Chinese Messenger (Liu) and; Julie was in the dance corps. All four cast members were performed supremely! Bobbe is about to role over her first year as a member of our crew; Jake is our one of our newest crew members and Ethan and Julie will join the crew upon completion of the 8th Grade.